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Visit Yucatán, a magic place that invites you to reconnect with peace and love, while enjoying discovering new places, nature, and the culture and history of Yucatán.

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Room service



The safety and well-being of our family is a top priority, we are constantly monitoring official WHO information regarding COVID-19, taking the following measures as seriously as possible:


Microbiostatic disinfection with Nanotechnology in all rooms, the door will be closed with a sanitized room stamp.

Cleaning of all objects of use such as: tables, telephones, door plates, peephole, drawer
handles, minibar door, switches, safety box, TV control, etc.

Replacement of all vestments at each exit.

The pen and room pad will be temporarily removed.

Deep cleaning of frequently handled surfaces, equipment or objects.

Antibacterial gel stations distributed in the hotel will be placed, as well as in the access to reception.

When the pool is closed, the entire area will be sanitized for general disinfection of lounge
chairs and cushions.

Balinese beds and lounge chairs will be separated respecting social distancing.

After each service, the receptionist will clean and disinfect all objects, equipment and surfaces
that have been in contact with the guest.

We will always have disinfectant gel available on the desk and the guest will be asked to use it before and after check-in.

The reception staff will use disinfectant gel or wash their hands with soap and water whenever
necessary or at least every 30 minutes, or after each contact with a guest.


It is mandatory to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between each person.

Washing hands at least every 30 minutes or whenever necessary after blowing nose, coughing, scratching, using the toilet, handling money or raw food, touching knobs, doors or
equipment, etc.

The use of mask covers is mandatory for all our collaborators.

Implement the use of gloves for specific actions such as: folding towels, folding napkins, cleaning plates and glassware.

Employees should report to management if they notice any guests or staff with symptoms.

They will comply with Health courses programmed for all collaborators.

There will be constant monitoring of the temperature of our collaborators before starting their workday.

We clean, We care.